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Dynamic Performance Training of San Diego

Greg Clark began working with young athletes in 2002.   Five years later, Dynamic Performance Training was opened in order to provide a place where athletes with a desire to become their best can receive the proper instruction needed to excel in their given sport.

It’s never too early to partake in some form of training. My programs involve creating a solid foundation in which to build on.

Core strength, flexibility and balance are the building blocks for developing strong, explosive, agile muscles. I give all of my athletes’ homework in order to improve all three components. If the athlete is willing to put in the extra work outside of my facility, their results will come faster and they’ll be ready to make the necessary progressions sooner than later.

Our Location:

2810 Via Orange Way, Ste D

Spring Valley, CA 91978

Contact Us:

Phone: (619)277-5131

Email:  dynamictraining619@gmail.com



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